Ugh! Feeling a bit frustrated today. I had to abandon the Raw Milk Diet and not only that, but all of my raw milk products which I love to make. I obviously still have yeast (candida) issues, which I was hoping I had taken care of. Unfortunately, I didn't do an anticandida diet long enough and with strict enforcement enough to really kill the candida off. You never kill it completely, but it needs to be under control before indulging in such things as fruit, milk, and other foods that have sugar in them naturally. So where did I decide to turn for more info? I found a website with great info and it even has some homemade supplements you can take in order to combat the yeast beast. Contains a great deal of information, most of which I knew already, but some new stuff as well. I have already started because most of the knowledge is not new since I did something similar for about 4 weeks before. I now know that I need to hit it harder and longer for my relief from infestation. Soooo Gross. So my Raw Milk Blog Has turned into an anticandida blog for those still interested.

The reason I know that I still have issues with Candida is the symptoms that I was having from drinking the Raw milk. Some of them could be considered detox symptoms, but with the completely coated white tongue, I knew that it was once again Candida. So what did I do. I already eat an almost exclusively organic diet so I simply started by eliminating all foods with sugar, including my beloved milk. That means no fruit, except lemons and limes (and those in moderation). All starchy vegetables, grains, and molds or fungi. I will eat no milk products for a total of three months minimum. I don't want to do this, but I have to. I also started immediately with a few things that I hadn't done the last time. One was to take my krill and cod liver oil like I was on the milk diet, but in addition, I am taking a crushed clove of garlic 3-5 times a day to kill the candida off. I am also eating coconut oil as a supplement in addition to cooking with it.  To combat the die off reaction, I will take some Vitamin C in high doses and do some other recomendations like, enemas. This should help my constipation as well.

The rest of my family will be joining me on this endevor as they most likely have issues still. My husband never did the previous diet, so this is totally new for him, but he is on board. God give us the strength, wisdom and resolve to complete this task. Help us to be st


12/14/2012 16:07

Hi, just wondering how the new diet went with the garlic and coconut oil.


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